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How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Your Website

Hello, friend if you are a blogger and you are not using SSL Certificate into your blog. Then you are doing a very big mistake. Because Google gives preference to that website who has SSL certificate into there blogs. So if you thought it is very costly and you don’t have money to buy. Then you should have to read this article till the end into this article I am going to tell you how can you rank your site into google the first position with the help of SSL certificate. So without wasting more time let start our main article.

How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Your Website

Guys if you are not using SSL certificate to your blog then your website is not secure and google will never give preference to your website. So I will recommend if you are not using SSL Certificate into your website or blog. Then install it today and see the magic of SSL Certificate.SSL stands Secure socket layer. And if you are a beginner and you don’t know how to get it free then read this article till the end. We will give an easy step to install Free SSL Certificate into your blog. So let see how to install Free SSL into your website.

1. First of all guys, you will have open a website Cloudflare into your URL box. If you are a new user then register on that website and create your new id with your Gmail. And after secure login into your Cloudflare next step come that is you have to add your website into Cloud flare.
2. They will give you nameserver you have to replace this name server with your Godaddy domain nameserver or your hosting nameserver whatever name server you are using you have to replace it.
3. Next step is you have to go to the firewall and there you will see lots of settings over there into your Cloudflare. You have to click on https setting there you will see an option https you have to enable that option. That’s it your site will go live with Free SSL Certificate. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, I know it is.
So That’s it, guys. I hope you will like this article if you have any query then you can ask us into the comment section. We will try to help you.s

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